Wedding: Raquel + Filip

Raquel + Filip


It was a pleasure to be part of the wedding so beautiful that Raquel and Filip gave us. Especially thanks to Doncel & Alcoba For the opportunity to accompany them this day.

As soon as I arrived I realized that it was going to be a very intimate, personal and different wedding. Raquel was in the pool and invited us to take something and stay awhile. There was no rush, there was no nerves and an atmosphere of hospitality and close from the first moment, something I loved and it makes you feel like a guest more.

The complicity between the two could be seen in every gesture and glances that were devoted, before, during and after the ceremony, as well as that love of both for their pets that were involved at all times.

I invite you to give the play and enjoy this beautiful wedding as we did.

3 January 2018

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22 October 2017

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3 March 2017

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